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Body Gym Pectoral Machine BGL9002A

Ditambahkan pada: 1 February 2016 / Kategori: ,
Kode : BGL9002A
Berat : 225000 gram
Stok : Pre Order
Dilihat : 384 kali
Review : Belum ada review
Rp 31.900.000

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Deskripsi Body Gym Pectoral Machine BGL9002A

  • sports equipment;fitness equipment
  • Alternative steel;the hanged weight is made of hard steel,at the easy-reaching height and easy to adjust
  • Frame embellishing;unique two-double baking varnishing makes the machine noble as a car,at the same time,embellishing can prevent the bike from scrapping and paint-falling
  • Cushion;make the user in a comfortble protector,prevent user from hurting and also support the user
  • Introduction card;sitting on the cushion,and lay on the backcushion,hold the handle,pulling forward forcefully to the maximum extent, then come back slowly to the original place,and repeat the action.
  • M easure (l * w * h) 130*145*170 (cm)


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