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Kettler Kinetic System W/ Double Pulley

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Limited Edition
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# Kettler Kinetic System W/ Double Pulley

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Deskripsi Kettler Kinetic System W/ Double Pulley

  • The base station offers training options including lat pull-downs, bench presses, rowing and butterfly and there is also an adapter for a sling trainer.
  • The 100 kg weight block can be adjusted to 20×5 kg units, ensuring the perfect level setting for everyone’s individual intensity preference. The base station can be expanded with a variety of optional add-on modules.


  • Adjustable leg extension yes
  • Ball-bearing mounted deflection rollers for rope pull yes
  • Butterfly bar adjustable yes
  • Colour black
  • Height-adjustable seat cushion yes
  • Leg extension with eccentric phase yes
  • Max. body weight 150 kg
  • Weight blocks 5 – 100 kg (20 x 5 kg)
  • Station
  • Adjustable bench press handlebars yes
  • Bench press seated yes
  • Butterfly forward yes
  • Crunches seated yes
  • Latissimus pull yes
  • Rowing yes
  • Technical Data
  • Max. weight load 100 kg; 3D-Flexmotion: 2 x 50 kg
  • Plastic-sheathed steel ropes / polyester ropes in pulley system yes / yes
  • Size when set up (L/W/H in cm) 166/170/ 215



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