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Tunturi Platinum Lowerbody + Legpress

Ditambahkan pada: 2 June 2012 / Kategori:
Limited Edition
Kode : AFT22
Stok : Pre Order
Dilihat : 333 kali
Review : Belum ada review
Rp 90.900.000

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Deskripsi Tunturi Platinum Lowerbody + Legpress

  • The lower body unit gives versatile options to train your leg muscles.
  • No matter whether you are training for sport, for rehab reasons or
  • if you simply like to tone your muscles. It is easy to adjust for every
  • position and size.
  • The Platinum Experience
    – Seats are easy to adjust into the right position.
    – Safe: the weights move in an enclosed cylinder.
    – The weight loading is easy to adjust.

Leg press unit

  • The leg press unit is another option to complete your workout.
  • It can not stand alone but it completes the 4 in 1 Strength Station.
  • No question, in a professional training room a leg press is standard
  • and no other equipment can replace it.
  • The Platinum Experience
    – Easy adjustable seat position, also for tall people.
    – Big foot-plate with anti-slip surface.
    – Easy access help grip for comfortable standing up.


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