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AB Cruncher Pongs

Ditambahkan pada: 2 March 2016 / Kategori: ,
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Dilihat : 50 kali
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Deskripsi AB Cruncher Pongs

Harga Rp. 2.165.000,-/Unit


AB Cruncher Pongs

The Ab Cruncher has a smooth and easy movement which means you don’t have to worry about technique issues often associated with ab exercises. Choose between four levels of incline to progressively increase the intensity of your workout. The LCD display keeps you updated on time, rep/min, calories and how many reps you’ve done. Large padded rollers for both your legs and forearms ease pressure on your joints and provide a comfortable movement. The Ab Cruncher folds up compactly and has built in wheels so it can be easily stored away.

The main benefit of the Ab cruncher is it allows you to isolate your abdominals in a similar way as when performing exercises such as lying leg raises while keeping your lower back safer. This is because when performing the traditional leg raise bodyweight exercise it is easy to once your lower abdominals fatigue, place considerable strain on your lower back; the Ab cruncher however is designed to significantly reduce this effect due to its design, allowing you to isolate and push your abdominal muscles to the limit safely – making the Ab cruncher an ideal choice for individuals who are prone to lower back pain. The Ab cruncher is also a lot more fun than traditional core exercises, leading to an even greater chance of developing that set of washboard abdominals!

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