Body Gym High Quality Commercial Treadmil,


Stok habis

Stok habis

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Berat 250000 gram
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Desain unik dari uprights of end, dibandingkan dengan treadmill tradisional, itu lebih terintegrasi, ringkas, mewah, dan dalam desain, theuprights & handle mengadopsi desain streamline sederhana, melalui wholedeck, memberi pengguna rasa aman penuh dan meningkatkan menjalankan pengalaman


Spesifikasi :

  • Two options: one is  with  the uprights, the other one is handles  integrated with  uprights
  • Optional  function: “B- – Cloud” custom club “cloud service” -sweep code
  • login, the user  s workout data can be saved by the cloud
  • Optional function: smart detection system – –  intelligent warning, when the user is at the back end of the treadmill (the arm can’t touch the emergency stop switch position), the speed automatically slow down to 3km/h, which further improves the safety of the machine Central Console Type Android System


  • Features of Screen?
    • 21.5inch Full view screen Multi touch
    • Resolution: 1920×1080
    • Electronic Readout Full Screen
    • Language of Central Console ?Chinese, English
    • Entertainment?WiFi, Internet, TrainningCourse,
    • Apps, USB interface,3.5mm headphone jack, Speakers
    • Default Program
    • Built-in 7 fixed programs
    • 1 customized program
    • Touch Key Board ?Start, Stop, Model, Program, Speed, Incline
    • Dimension 2235 x 955 x 1750 mm
    • Max  User Weight 160 KG
    • Running Belt:
    • Thickness?2.5mm/3.1mm
    • Perimeters?3400mm Width?600mm
    • Running Area :1610 x 550 mm
    • Speed Range :1-20km/h
    • Elevation  Range :0-20%
    • Rollers Diameter?75mm Length?695 mm
    • Power
    • Continuous Power: 3Hp
    • Max Power: 9Hp
    • Motor Ultra-quiet AC Motor
    • Inverter Domestic Brand/Mitsubishi (Imported)


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