Gorefit® Berlin Flat Bench Strength Machine

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Berat 200 gram
Dimensi 1280 × 736 × 380 cm
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Model Number : GH36
Size(L*W*H) : 1280*736*380mm
Machine Weight : 20KG
Weight Stack : 70KG

Product Characteristics
1. Counterweight Case: Adopts large D-shaped steel tube as frame, Size is 53*156*T3mm
2. Movement Parts: Adopts flat oval tube as frame , size is 50*100*T3mm
3. The machine with 2 heights of counterweight case, Ergonomic design
4. Protective Cover: High quality Q235 carbon steel plate and thickened acrylic board
5. Handle Decorative Cover: made of aluminum alloy
6. Cable Steel: high-quality Cable Steel Dia.6mm, composed of 7 strands and 18 cores
7. Cushion: polyurethane foaming process, the surface is made of super fiber leather
8. Coating: 3 layers electrostatic paint process, bright color, long-term rust prevention
9. Pulley: high-quality PA one-time injection molding, with high-quality bearing injected inside

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