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Gorefit® Bermingham Series Dip/Chin Assist



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Berat 279000 g
Dimensi 181 × 112 × 221 cm
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Gorefit® Bermingham Series Dip/Chin Assist
Net Weight: 279kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1812*1129*2214
Weight Stack
(kg): 100

Product Features:

The Dip/Chin Assist modular station can be used in a modular system as a plug-in station. Oversized steps, a comfortable knee pad, rotating dip handles and multiple-position pull-up handles are part of the highly versatile Dip/Chin Assist. The knee pad flips up out of the way for unassisted exercises. A linear bearing mechanism assures smoothness and durability. Assembly size:1812*1129*2214mm, gross weight:279kg, weight stack:100kg; Steel tube: 50*100*3mm

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