Gorefit® London Series Calf Raise Premium Quality



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Berat 74000 gram
Dimensi 145 × 74 × 104 cm
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Gorefit® Calf Raise
Net Weight: 74kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1455*740*1045
Weight Stack

Product Features:

1. Designed to American and European standards, the frames are made from high quality tubing. The oval tube thickness is 3.0mm; the square tube thickness is 2.5mm. The steel frame will ensure maximum balance and stability of the equipment; each frame is coated with an anti-static powder coating to maximise the durability of the steel frame.
2. Seat cushions: Disposable foam moulded foam, PVC skin – high density, intermediate template thickness: 2.5cm, moulded seat cushion, luxury and high grade, beautiful, comfortable and durable.
3. Adjustment system: Unique air pressure adjustment of the seat cushion for ease of use.
4. Service: The cushion can be made according to the needs of different customers with the corresponding LOGO.
5. Hanging system: Simple adjustment allows the user to easily choose different weights of the bell to easily adjust the resistance The system can be tailored to suit all types of trainers, with the flexibility to add weights. The aesthetic design of the equipment is friendly and user-friendly.
6. Handlebar Y: The rubber grip on the handle is a durable, anti-abrasion material that increases friction; the grip prevents slipping during use.

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