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Gorefit® Norwich Series Camber Curl



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Berat 181000 g
Dimensi 146 × 125 × 150 cm
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Gorefit® Camber Curl
Net Weight: 181kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1464*1252*1500
Weight Stack
(kg): 70

Product Features:

Gorefit FB Pin Loaded Strength Series is a professional gym use equipment. Gorefit-FB30 Camber Curl technologies ensure resistance remains consistent from start to finish, following the strength curve of the muscle group that is being trained, making the movement exceptionally natural and fluid. Gorefit sports a new sleek and stylish look, thanks to the new guard and easy to read placard design, optional of color combinations and new upholstery textures that enhance your training experience. Selecting the correct weight is a hassle-free experience thanks to the new weight stack pin with a pre-tensioned cable that doesn’t jam between the weight stacks. The seat cushion adjustment adopts manual configuration, and the transmission adopts steel wire rope, which makes the adjustment during exercise more convenient and fast while ensuring safety. Curl the weight toward your shoulders while keeping your elbows still. Keeping lifting until the undersides of your forearms make firm contact with your biceps. Hold the contraction for a moment and then lower the weight under control until your elbows are completely extended.
1. The camber curl builds your biceps while providing enhanced protection for your wrists.
2. Intelligent ergonomic design with comfortable, hand grips to fit all users.
3. High-Quality Steel material and the seat adjustable can help the user find the correct movement position.

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