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Gorefit® Norwich Series Double Pull Back Trainer



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Berat 207000 g
Dimensi 128 × 126 × 150 cm
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Gorefit® Double Pull Back Trainer
Net Weight: 207kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1286*1267*1500
Weight Stack
(kg): 100

Product Features:

Gorefit FB Pin Loaded Strength Series is a professional gym use equipment. Gorefit-FB34 Double Pull Back Trainer According to ergonomics and biomechanical principles, the movement of the moving arms scientific and rational makes exercising smooth. When we are exercising,our strength growth is often faster than muscle progress,especially when we start to exercise.When we often practice back,the most obvious situation is that our back strength is stronger,and people will become more upright. We usually bend down too much,usually stand bad when too much,back muscle strength has been unable to keep up with the progress of chest and abdominal muscle strength,so many people will have hunchback and round shoulders.When we stand upright,we will have a very straight back.

Strong back muscles can support the trunk and avoid injury; Back muscle exercise can strengthen the spine,shoulder and core,can eliminate lower back pain; To a certain extent, the increase of back muscle can accelerate energy consumption and assist weight loss; Exercise back muscle,also can train into “V shape”, this is most people’s dream.
1. Our machines are great for anyone looking to gain muscle size and strength, including beginners.

2. Enhance the core stability and sports performance ability.

3. Comfortable weight selection from a sitting position.

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