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Gorefit Bermingham Series Rear Delt/Pec Fly



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Berat 212000 g
Dimensi 134 × 101 × 209 cm
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Gorefit GF07 Bermingham Series Rear Delt/Pec Fly
Net Weight: 212kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1349*1018*2095
Weight Stack
(kg): 100

Product Features:

Selectorized Line Rear Delt/Pec Fly features dual independent-movement arms with upper pivots to accommodate varying arm lengths. Each can be set to 8 starting positions over a wide range. The weight is offset to the right for most convenient access.This unit allows you to provide two traditional movements in one unit. Easy adjustment pins allow users to seamlessly move between pec fly and rear delt movements.The dual pivoting arms allow for users of different arm lengths to comfortably perform each exercise while maintaining proper form.Independent movement arms provide a variety of movements on one unit, while increasing core activity.Assembly size:1349*1018*2095mm, gross weight:212kg, weight stack:100kg; Steel tube: 50*100*3mm

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