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Gorefit Bermingham Series Cable Crossover



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Berat 325000 g
Dimensi 426 × 71 × 236 cm
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Gorefit GF16 Bermingham Series Cable Crossover
Net Weight: 325kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 4262*712*2360
Weight Stack
(kg): 70*2

Product Features:

The FF16 Adjustable Cable Crossover is a stand-alone cable crossover machine with two adjustable high/low pulley stations and a connector that offers dual chin-up bar options. The Crossover adjusts quickly to give users a wide range of exercise options.
An Adjustable Cable Crossover machine is a multipurpose selectorized piece of commercial gym equipment consisting of a rectangular, vertical frame, connected by a center crossbar that typically integrates a multi-grip chin bar, with a weight stack on each end, and several handles and ankle straps that can be attached for performing numerous upper body and lower body exercises. The Adjustable Cable Crossover machine cables that connect the attachments to the weight stack run through multi-adjustable vertical pulleys, allowing virtually every muscle of the body to be trained on a single machine in either linear or diagonal patterns.

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