Gorefit® London Series Hip Thrust Machine



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Berat 100000 gram
Dimensi 176 × 165 × 84 cm
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Gorefit® Hip Thrust Machine
Net Weight: 100kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1765*1650*840
Weight Stack

Product Features:

Gorefit-PL73B Hip Thrust Machine may helps you to work glutes and upper legs. Using this hip thrust machine keeps you stabilized and safe. It will make it easy to exercise your hip and upper leg muscles. It adopt stable base rough thickened pipe wall bearing up to 600 klograms, which make it safe and relible and suitable for different body shape exercisers.

The hip thrust machine is a machine that is designed to target the hip muscles. The machine consists of a padded seat and a weight-resistance system that allows the user to perform a hip thrust motion. The hip thrust is an effective way to build muscle and improve hip strength.

The hip thruster effectively improves hip extension by engaging the hamstrings and gluteal muscles. Your hips extend when they move from a flexed position (where the hips are lower than or behind the shoulders and knees) to a fully extended position where the hips, shoulders, and knees are in line.
1. Wear- restistant non-slip miltary steel pipe, non-slip surface, safe.

2. Leather cushion non-slip sweat-proof leather, comfortable and wear-restistant.

3. Seat cushion: excellent 3D polyurethane molding process, the surface is made of super fiber leather, waterproof and wear-resistant, and the color can be matched at will.

4. Handle: PP soft rubber material, more comfortable to grip.

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