Gorefit® London Series Incline Lever Row Premium Quality



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Berat 90000 gram
Dimensi 182 × 113 × 118 cm
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Gorefit® Incline Lever Row
Net Weight: 90kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1820*1135*1185
Weight Stack

Product Features:

Striking design elements, superior biomechanics and modern aesthetics blend seamlessly to create a line of resistance equipment that embodies an only-the-best-will-do philosophy with Made in the USA quality. When you’re ready for high performance strength equipment that delivers professional results and exceeds your expectations, you’re ready for Incline Lever Row!
The unique pivoting handle design maintains correct wrist and arm positioning throughout the entire range of motion. While bi-level foot supports accommodate various users. Backed by an extensive warranty, the Incline Lever Row is ideal for outfitting any weight room, recreation center, apartment complex or professional gym.
The Incline Lever Row incorporates a pivoting handle design to maintain correct wrist and arm positioning during exercise. And with two levels of foot supports, the machine can accommodate users of various heights.the Incline Lever Row may be customized covering the frame and all welds.
Incline Lever Row – Incline Lever Row is an indispensable training tool you can use to attack your lats and mid-back. Bentover barbell rows and T-bar rows are two excellent mid-back developers that share the same flaw: the lumbar spine fatigues quickly from holding a static contraction, limiting both the amount of weight you can use and the number of reps you can perform. This lower back fatigue is exacerbated if you happen to perform rows on the same day as deadlifts, a typical training set-up for those who like to include a “back” day in their weekly routine. With the lower back already fatigued from deadlifting, training poundages must be reduced drastically for any type of free-standing rowing movement – a less than ideal concession.

High quality leather.
Anti-slip and wear-resistant, comfortable and durable.
Bell piece storage tube.
Made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant and impact resistant.

Cushion gas spring.
Precision steel tube, thickened cylinder, sturdy and durable.
Imported bearings.
High quality, high precision, ultra-quiet, long life.

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