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Gorefit® Cambridge Series Leg Press



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Berat 183500 g
Dimensi 106 × 196 × 164 cm
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Gorefit® Leg Press
Net Weight: 183,5kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1060*1960*1640
Weight Stack
(kg): 96kg(13+1)+5kg

Product Features:

Gorefit FM Pin Load Selection Strength Series is a professional commercial gym use equipment which adopts 50*80*T2.5mm square tube as frame,Gorefit-FM12 leg press machine promotes leg development by isolating the muscles that comprise the leg. This machine mainly engages the gluteal muscles, quadriceps, and hamstrings. The calves act as supporting and stabilizing muscles throughout the movement. It also engages the gastrocnemius and the adductor magnus.it also promotes bone development in the same way as muscle development. Weight-bearing exercises like the leg press increase the pressure and stress on the bones which is essential to produce osteoblasts that produce bone mass for greater bone density. Optimal bone density is essential to prevent musculoskeletal degenerative diseases associated with age such as osteoporosis.The leg press machine can enhance strength and endurance for better lower body stability. Using the leg press machine regularly can increase balance and ability to retain stability through positional change.
It also enhances speed and explosiveness necessary for running and jumping. Doing leg presses at lower repetitions and greater volume can increase explosive strength for better sprint speed and vertical leap.

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