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Gorefit® Oxford Series Abdominal Machine



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Berat 255000 g
Dimensi 104 × 132 × 150 cm
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Gorefit® Oxford Series Abdominal Machine
Net Weight: 255kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1040*1320*1500
Weight Stack
(kg): 100

Product Features:

This specially designed for very intensive work in the club, represents really has work in the room of the future. Machine ABS very ergonomic and adjustable. Its elegant line to the rounded shapes and its sleek design, exceptionally robust structure and strong vibrations, its technical specifications and tough advanced, its very convenient electronic console and its perfect stability, by the way by ease of use combining ergonomics and safety, the Back Extension Mega Power offers precise and fluid movements that will satisfy the desires of the most demanding athletic performance without a doubt.

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