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Gorefit® Cambridge Series Pectoral Machine



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Berat 196000 g
Dimensi 113 × 138 × 208 cm
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Gorefit® Pectoral Machine
Net Weight: 196kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1135*1380*2080
Weight Stack
(kg): 75kg(10+1)+5kg

Product Features:

The Pectoral Machine is ideal for increasing chest strength and muscle mass by targeting the pectoralis muscles. You have two sets of pectoral muscles on each side of the front of your chest: the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. This exercise primarily benefits the pectoralis major—the larger of the two muscles that are responsible for movement at the shoulder joint.
1. Tube: Adopts square tube as frame , size is 50*80*T2.5mm

2.Cushion: polyurethane foaming process, the surface is made of super fiber leather

3.Cable Steel: high-quality Cable Steel Dia.6mm, composed of 7 strands and 18 cores

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