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Gorefit® Cambridge Series Pulldown



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Berat 193000 g
Dimensi 130 × 155 × 193 cm
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Gorefit® Pulldown
Net Weight: 193kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1300*1550*1930
Weight Stack
(kg): 75kg(10+1)+5kg

Product Features:

The FM pin loaded hammer strength series is a series of strength training equipment independently developed and designed by the Gorefit R&D team. It has a smooth strength experience, a sense of design and comfort, and the perfect combination of selected materials and exquisite craftsmanship makes training equipment simple, convenient and effective, this series has more than 20 model of equipment, professional and comprehensive, each user can train muscles according to their own goals. Gorefit-FM06 high-stretching back muscle trainer is an indoor fitness equipment, suitable for aerobic cardiopulmonary exercise, mainly to increase cardiopulmonary function, and to train muscles as an auxiliary.
 It can exercise the muscles of the shoulders, buttocks and other parts, and can achieve the purpose of strengthening and fitness.
Exercise method: adjust the weight and seat, then sit on the seat, hold the horizontal handle with both hands, focus on pulling down with the muscles of the back, exhale when pulling down, The lats contract at the peak, pause for a while, slowly recover, inhale, and repeat the above actions.

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