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Gorefit® Norwich Series Split High Pull Trainer



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Berat 256000 g
Dimensi 154 × 120 × 205 cm
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Gorefit® Split High Pull Trainer
Net Weight: 256kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1540*1200*2055
Weight Stack
(kg): 100

Product Features:

The Gorefit-FB series pull-down trainer adopts a biomechanical design, which is different from the conventional high-pull trainer, it provides a split motion path. Users can perform single-arm training or double-arm training at the same time to meet the requirements of different trainers.
The new way of movement is more natural and efficient, allowing exercisers to have a more standardized and comfortable movement posture.

Exercising Overview:

Choose the right weight and adjust the seat so your fingertips can touch the handle.Adjust the thigh pad downward until it touches the top of your thigh.Hold the handle with both hands and return to sitting position. Begin to stretch your arms,elbows slightly bent.SIowly pull the handle down to the chin.Slowly return to the starting position to avoid hitting the counterweight between repeated actions.to change the way you exercise . Strengthen your muscles with bi lateral , uni lateral , or alternating arm movements.Avoid shaking your body when pushing heavy loads to produce momentum.Avoid pulling the handle back Rotate the handle and change the starting position of the neck.Keep your spine upright during exercise.
Related Exercise Indicative Labels provide step-by-step instructions on body position, movement.

As a new style of Gorefit, the FB series has been repeatedly scrutinized and polished before appearing in front of the public, with complete functions and easy maintenance. For exercisers, the scientific trajectory and stable structure of the FB series ensure a complete training experience and performance; for buyers, the affordable price and stable quality lay the foundation for the best-selling FB series.
Product Characteristics:

1. Counterweight Case: Adopts large D-shaped steel tube as frame, Size is 53*156*T3mm.

2. Movement Parts: Adopts square tube as frame , size is 50*100*T3mm.

3. Size:1540*1200*2055mm.

4. Standard Counterweight:100KG.

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