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Gorefit® Norwich Series Split Push Chest Trainer



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Berat 241000 g
Dimensi 154 × 129 × 185 cm
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Gorefit® Split Push Chest Trainer
Net Weight: 241kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1544*1297*1859
Weight Stack
(kg): 100

Product Features:

Gorefit FB Pin Loaded Strength Series is a professional gym use equipment which adopts 50*100*3mm square tube as frame. Gorefit-FB10 Split Push Chest Trainer features independent moving arms and a natural, converging motion path. This promotes more muscle recruitment and exercise variety while training the muscles involved in upper body pushing movements, including the pectoral muscles and triceps.
1. Counterweight Case: Adopts large D-shaped steel tube as frame, Size is 53*156*T3mm.
2. Seat adjustment: Complicated air spring seat system demonstrates its high end quality, comfortable and solid.
3. Cushion: polyurethane foaming process, the surface is made of super fiber leather.

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