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Gorefit® London Series Squat Lunge Premium Quality



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Berat 100000 gram
Dimensi 153 × 162 × 78 cm
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Gorefit® Squat Lunge
Net Weight: 100kg
Space AreaL*W*H (mm): 1533*1625*785
Weight Stack

Product Features:

Gorefit PL Plate Loaded Strength Series is a professional gym use equipment which adopts 120*60* 3mm/100*50*3mm flat oval tube (Round tube ?76*2.5) as frame, mainly for high-end gym.
Gorefit-PL69 Squat Lunge exercise Trapezius, Deltoid, Triceps, Gastrocnemius. Squats and lunges are two very popular lower-body functional training exercises designed to mimic everyday moving patterns and improve muscular strength across this region. Given the compound (multi-joint) nature of both exercises, squats and lunges are a go-to movement for enlisting multiple muscles at the same time, as well as improving your balance, flexibility, and even core strength.
1. Handle: Made of PP soft rubber material, it is more comfortable to hold.

2. Baking paint process: automotive dust-free paint baking process.

3. Standing equipment is designed to keep the exerciser firmly on the ground while maximizing foot strength and power.

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