Sewa Alat Fitness Treadmill Mini Walk Body Gym


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Berat 40000 gram
Durasi Waktu Sewa

1 Bulan, 3 Bulan, 6 Bulan

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Deskripsi :

  • Small & Smart, Automatic & Intelligent
  • Simple design, combine with sport technology. creating new fashion style for young people! Redefinition the design of future treadmills!
  • 5 engineers spent over 1000 day & night break throught hundreds of technical difficulties remarkable result 2 invention patents 7 utility patents 2 appearance patents.
  • The world’s first treadmill without welding process. only 22pcs invisible bolts for assemble which makes miniwalk stable and more safe.
  • 2kgs only, which 1s 1/4 of traditional treadmill. high quality alu and new composite material contributes to the lightness and safe
  • Thin with minimum ground clearance 4.7 cm & maximum ground clearance 9 cm.
  • Big The body length 140cm, with running area 120cm x 46cm, same as traditional ones, run as you like.
  • Human body infrared induction is used in mini walk, and running part is divided into 3 parts — slow down area and speed up area. your speed changes according to which area you run.
  • With biopolar power driven technology, motor runs easily & powerfully in limited space.
  • By using double air cooling technology motor stil keeps cool after 2 hour’s running
  • 0.06m² is enought to keep it. powerful magnets are in the back foot guards. and mini walk can be tightly attached to the wall. you can also put it under a bed or sofa.

Spesifikasi :

    • 120cm*46cm Running area
    • Max ground clearance 9cm
    • Min ground clearance 4.7cm
    • Product size (with handrail): 1450*670*90mm
    • Product size: 1435*620*90mm
    • Weight: 29kgs with handrail
    • Storage size:0.06 m2

Ketentuan Biaya Sewa Alat Fitness

1 Bulan sewa Rp 1.000.000,-/Bulan

3 Bulan Sewa Discount 5% Rp 950.000,-/bulan x 3 = 2.850.000,-

6 Bulan Sewa Discount 10% Rp 1.350.000,-/bulan x 6 = 5.400.000,-

Biaya 1x Kirim dan 1x Ambil Rp 200.000,- Khusus wilayah Jakarta

Biaya Deposit Rp 2.000.000,-

Biaya Pengiriman Untuk Di Kota Jakarta Rp 200.000

Biaya Pengiriman Untuk Di Luar Kota Jakarta Rp 400.000

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