Kettler Treadmill Berlin S2 2 HP



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Dimensi 181 × 81 × 150 cm
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Kettler Berlin S2 comes with a powerful motor; 2.5 CHP driving a running speed of up to 18km/h and incline of up to 15%. The unique low-impact honeycomb shock absorber pads ride smooth and the entire setup folds effortlessly to free up precious space in your home. Effective running area is up to 140 x 48 cm.


  • Strong motor with 2.5 HP continuous duty
  • Selectable speed range between 1 – 18 km/h – instant speed buttons available
  • Selectable incline range between 0 – 12 % – instant incline buttons available
  • High value damping system with 6 big cushions + 2 external honeycomb cushions
  • Handpulse sensors and receiver for 5kHZ Chestbelt (not included)
  • Running surface 140 x 48 cm
  • Soft Drop System
  • 7‘‘ LCD Display with blue & orange backlight
  • 40 training programs including a heart-rate controlled program available


  • Product dimension in training condition: 181 x 81 x 150cm
  • Product dimension in folded condition: 126 x 81 x 150 cm
  • 2 rollers for transport in folded condition
  • Product weight: 87 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg
  • Class HA according to DIN EN 957 1 / 6



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Kettler Treadmill Berlin S2 2 HP

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