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Gymost ID Motorized Treadmill 3Hp AC


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Berat 165 Kg
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  • Super motor
    6.0HP AC Continuous operation of the motor.
  • One-click interactive running training
    screen to simulate the real scenery, according to your pace to adjust the running belt speed, giving you a real running experience.
  • 0% -15% Adjustable slope control
    Simply touch the one-touch button, you can easily adjust the slope to your desired height, burn higher calories to achieve the goal of high intensity training.
  • 15.6-inch cool color screen
    built-in 32 preset programs, support for WIFI can use the browser and a specific APP interface.
  • Heart rate health monitoring handle
    real-time monitoring of your heart rate frequency, to ensure your health.
  • iConsole + Virtual Reality The
    iConsole feature empowers you to stay fit while exercising by adjusting the grade and resistance of the machine in real time by simulating different geographic routes.
  • The pace monitor
    leaves the running belt and the running belt automatically stops running.


Spesifikasi :

  • Control panel : 15.6 inch TFT Screen
  • Motor 4.0 HP AC Horsepower
  • Speed Range 1-22km/h
  • Slope Range 0-15*
  • Exercise Program : 36 preset motion programs * 1 manual motion program
  • Entertainment feature : MP3, Video player, Wifi Internet
  • Heart Rate Monitor : Have
  • Runway Area : 1550 * 580 mm
  • Product Weight : 165 kg
  • Weight capacity : 160 kg
  • Fold Function : No
  • Dimensions : 2140 x 910 x 150 mm


Garansi sparepart dan service 1thn motor 1th, belt dan running deck 1 thn




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