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Curls Bar . Kirim by kurir Gojek

"Barang sudah sampai...Terimakasih banyak, jika ada yang perlu saya butuhkan saya beli lagi di Tokoalatfitness.com"

Hanny Fauzia - Jakarta Timur

Ultra Ripped 90 caps dan Prostar 100% Whey Protein 1lbs Strawberry. No Resi JNE 1993439990006

"Barang sudah sampai...Puas deh belanja disini,Thanks lo!"

Rudi Hariyanto - Benoa Bali

Rubber Plate via Expedisi Sumber Urip No Resi 137579

"Barang sudah sampai. Thanks"

Alexa - Jakarta

Gymball uk 50 dan 60 cm

"Barang bisa diambil di Tokonya...pelayanan memuaskan..Thanks"

Fanny - Medan

Body Pump dan Aerobic Step kirim via Expedisi Grand Express No.Resi TTB-J12-H00276

"Barang sudah sampai. Thanks.."

Gunawan - Magelang Jawa Tengah

Abdominal Machine Deltagym kirim via Expedisi Wibowo No.Resi 039308

"Barang sudah sampai. Thanks.."

Muna - Ciputat Jakarta Selatan

Elliptical Magnetic Cybersport

"Barang diantar langsung ke rumah, free ongkir. Thanks.."

Yuni Syahla - Sentul Tangerang

Sit Up Twin Deltagym dan Bench Press KLJ 309-A Cybersport

"Barang diantar langsung ke rumah, COD. Thanks.."

Andri Lukito - Narogong Bekasi

Adjustable Bench ABK-01 Deltagym

"Barang diantar langsung ke rumah, Free ongkir, Thanks.."

Gede Kusuma - Denpasar Bali

Ultimate Nutrition Chromium Picolinate 100 caps. Kirim via TIKI No.Resi 02 014 888 6798

"Barang sudah sampai, Thanks.."

Malik - Hotel Novotel Bogor

Aerobic Step. Kirim via TIKI No.Resi 02 014 888 6742

"Barang sudah sampai, Thanks.."

Steven Santosa - BSD Tangerang

Dumbell Stik. Kirim via TIKI No.Resi 02 014 888 6726

"Barang sudah sampai, Thanks.."

Zulvikar - Teluk Dalam Banjarmasin

Chin Up Second. Kirim via Expedisi

"Barang sudah sampai, Thanks.."

Cafe Bisnis Online
Bisnis Online
Bisnis Online

postheadericon Pump 2 Fit



Pump 2 Fit  harga Rp.199.000

postheadericon YOGA / EXERCISE MAT Ecoweilness

yoga mat ecoweilness

YOGA/EXERCISE MAT Ecoweilness Rp.485.000

Description Product :



• Perfect for yoga, aerobics,
pilates or any exercise that
requires a mat
• Smooth, comfortable surface
• Easy to clean and hand-washable
• Lightweight and can be rolled up
for easy storage and transport
• Size: 173 L x 61 W cm (68″ x 24″) ,
T: 6mm
• Material: PVC

* tanpa Sarung *

postheadericon Yoga Exercise Camping Mat Bodyscuplture

yoga mat camping Mat BSC

Harga  Yoga Exercise Camping Mat Bodyscuplture Rp.550.000

Desciption Product:

Size:  P 185 x L 80  Cm x Tebal 1.5 cm

Coulor :  Grey

* Tanpa Sarung *

Made in China

postheadericon Sarung ( Yoga Bag )

sarung yoga BAG

Harga Sarung ( Yoga Bag ) Rp.90.000

postheadericon Handle Solid Lat Pull Down

Handle pararel v bar long


Harga Handle Solid Lat Pull Down   Rp.750.000

postheadericon Ring Basket Per Double Ring RBP – 02

Ring Basket Double

Harga Ring Basket Per Double Ring RBP – 02 Rp.450.000

postheadericon Ring Basket Single Ring RBP – 01

Ring Basket Single1

Harga Ring Basket Single RBP – 01  Rp.350.000

postheadericon Arm Bands ANGRYBIRDS



Harga Arm Bands ANGRYBIRDS  Rp.49.000

postheadericon Beach Ball ANGRYBIRDS

angrybeach beach ball


Harga Beach Ball ANGRYBIRDS Rp.49.000

postheadericon Swim Ring ANGERY BIRDS

angrybirds swimming ring


Harga Swim Ring ANGERY BIRDS  Rp. 49.000

postheadericon Boxing Helmet Kids BERWYN



Harga Boxing Helmet Kids BERWYN Rp.378.000

postheadericon Boxing Gloves BERWYN

Sarung tinju berwyn

Harga Boxing Gloves BERWYN Rp.358.000

postheadericon ARM Ring HELLO KITTY


ARM Ring HELLO KITTY Rp.79.000

postheadericon Swimming Ring HELLO KITTY

Hello Kitty Swimming Ring


Swimming Ring HELLO KITTY Rp.119.000

postheadericon Yoga Mat HELLO KITTY

Yoga Mat Hellokitty

Harga Yoga Mat HELLO KITTY Rp.390.000

postheadericon Knee Support With Terry Cloth Bodyscuplture

knee support with terry cloth


Knee Support With Terry Cloth Bodyscuplture Rp.180.000

“Dijual tidak Sepasang”

Desciption Product:


Exercising will ultimately lead to some injury if not done properly. Knee Supports will help in preventing some forms of injury, though if already injured, you can give your knee support with its use.Knee Supports Bodyscuplture are made with non toxic materials that are also recyclable when their intended use is done.

Breathable Neoprene Construction

Bodyscuplture Knee Support With Terry Cloth has a well ventilated Neoprene construction.

Terry Cloth Lining

The Knee Support also comes with a comfortable and soft Terry Cloth Lining to prevent any forms of skin irritation due to friction.

One Size Fits All

The Knee Support by Bodyscuplture is designed so that one size will be able to fit almost anyone. This is due to the straps that can be adjusted.

Over-stitched Edges

The Over-stitched Edges add an extra layer of durability when it comes to everyday wear and tear.

postheadericon Jump Rope Warna Warni


Harga Jump Rope Warna Rp.55.000

postheadericon Racer Bike K-3077 K Power


Harga Racer Bike K-3077 K Power Rp.6.000.000

Product Description:

Spinning bikes K-3077 Flywheel 18 Kg, Dimensions 112.5 x 111.5 cm N / W: 42 Kg – made in Korea

postheadericon Speedball Boxing



Harga Speedball Rp.700.000

-Bahan dari Kulit tidak Kasar.

- Panjang 30 cm x lebar 12 cm x tebal 5 cm

postheadericon Bracket Samsak Tinju

samsak tower

Harga  Bracket Samsak Tinju Rp.650.000

postheadericon Tower Samsak 2 Ways



Tower 2 ways set adalah tower yang dikembangkan dari produk tower pertama kami.

Kini dengan tambahan bracket untuk menggantung speedball, menjadikan latihan tinju anda semakin sempurna.


- Terbuat dari bahan pilihan

- Rangka yang kuat

Description Product Details:

Harga Tower Samsak 2 Ways Ukuran L : Rp. 4.500.000

Satu Set Tiang Tower 2 Way, SAMSAK Tinggi : 1.35 m berat : 48 Kg, sudah termasuk Speedball 1 Unit, Isi : Serbuk Karet dan kulit

          Harga Tower Samsak 2 Ways Ukuran S : Rp.3.975.000

          Description Product Details:

Satu Set Tiang Tower 2 Way, SAMSAK Tinggi: 80 cm Berat : 28 Kg,sudah termasuk Speedball 1 unit,isi : Serbuk Karet dan Kulit

postheadericon Samsak Boxing “STAMINA”


samsak tinju STAMINA productHarga Samsak STAMINA ukuran L Rp.1.100.000

Product Description:

Tinggi : 1.35 cm

Berat : 48 Kg

Isi Serbuk Karet dan Kulit

Harga Samsak STAMINA ukuran S  Rp.590.000

Product Description:

Tinggi : 80 cm

Berat : 28 Kg

Isi Serbuk Karet dan Kulit

postheadericon Hula Hoop Limpid Diameter 90 Cm


Harga HulaHoop Limpid Rp.299.000

Description Product :

  • Luminous hula hoop can give out light for four hours and its light can be restored by being exposed to the sunlight or fluorescent light
  • Assemble sections: 6
  • Diameter: 90.cm
  • Packaging: 1 piece/color box (17.5 x 6 x 48cm)
  • 12 sets/carton/53.5 x 24.5 x 50cm/2.32ft

postheadericon Hand Grip Digital Ecoweilness


Harga Hand Grip Digital Ecoweilness Rp.140.000

Description Product :

Key Features

  • Count, Time and Calories Used
  • LCD Computer Monitor
  • Materials used are Non-toxic and Recyclable

Monitor the number of calories burnt and the duration of your workout while you strengthen your arms, hands and fingers by getting this Digital Hand Grip from Ecowellness. Along with increasing your hand strength it also helps in improving your dexterity.

LCD Computer Monitor

The hand grip comes with an LCD computer monitor that displays the results of your workout.

Count, Time and Calories Used

It efficiently records the count, number of calories burnt and the time period of your workout.

Materials Used are Non-toxic and Recyclable

Ecowellness has made this eco-friendly device using materials that are non-toxic and recyclable.

postheadericon Platinum Bike TL 409 TOTAL FITNESS


Harga Platinum Bike TL 409 TOTAL FITNESS  Rp.2.300.000